The first ever space based online game! Fly a ship, walk in stations and land on planets! Learn to build items and hunt in one of the many sectors of the galaxies!




Here is what has gone on for the past few months. I haven't been keeping up with details since I've been busy and the limited playing time. Things are changing fast and a few bugs have really slowed my leveling down. I've listed below most of my current attempts and what's gone on.

Terran Tradesman (lvl 57) - Krang (lost at lvl 57 with no hope - 05/03/2002 [02:00 GMT])

Terran Tradesman (lvl 128) - Krang (The Clone - seeking higher levels!)

Terran Tradesman (lvl 9) - KrangII (Trying to Max Exploration)

Terran Tradesman (lvl 21) - Twangee - Try #2

Terran Warrior (lvl 9) - Rok (decided I needed a change!)

Jenquai Explorer (lvl 23) - Rok

Jenquai Warrior (lvl 42) - ChemAiLanog (Chem-Ai Lanog)

Progen Explorer (lvl ??) - ??

Progen Warrior (lvl ??) - ??

Building 102 (After Player Wipe Pre-Phase 7):

Terran Tradesman (lvl 49) - Krang

Terran Tradesman (lvl 0) - KrangII

Terran Tradesman (lvl 0) - Twangee

Terran Warrior (lvl 0) - Rok

Jenquai Warrior (lvl 0) - ChemAiLanog (Chem-Ai Lanog)

Progen Explorer (lvl ??) - ??

Progen Warrior (lvl ??) - ??



Game is now live and this one I bought. I hope the future holds true to the fun I had during beta and this game being the first space based online game of it's type. Each race will go to market minus 1 class, but that is suppose to be short lived and they expect to add them soon.



Well, one year has passed and I'm still playing this one. Lots of good and bad has happened in the game, but for the most part it is still in order. A new sector was added, lots of new navs and enough baddies for everyone to shoot until they pass out. Some guild items are still missing, but the number of ranks has double since the start to 10. Get the 5 day demo and play the live game for free, see what you think!



Christmas time is coming and with the last patch 6 weeks will be allowed instead of the 4 week cycle before. This should place the next patch within about a week or so. New items to be added such as sectors, skills and events. Might wanna try this one out, but if you're looking for PvP this isn't the game.



EA killed Earth and Beyond... looks like the SIMS Online won out. It's a shame a company that makes so much money would kill a game that takes care of itself over a game they are spending hundreds of millions on and it just a graphics chat channel. Sad days to come, they will officially shut down the servers on 09/22/04 the day it was born when it is two years old.