PingCafe' currently has at least 2 members in beta testing. Krang has been in since Phase 2 (Sept 2002) and Karitas was added in Phase 6 (March 2003). This is a space based game, very different from "Earth and Beyond" by Westwood/EA. It takes into account a realistic feel, which includes PvP everywhere. There is no leveling treadmill as in many other online games, EVE is based on "training" that is done.

This "training" can be done while logged in or not, so much time must pass to move from level to level. For the most part, I see EVE with mostly Mining and Trade to pass the time. I've not managed to meet many NPC types in the game and when I did, I didn't last long. Please be aware that this game has people that like to shoot you just because they can and your cargo "can" be looted, along with your weapons -- other games have this type of play -- and there is no penalty for PK'g type actions for the most part. You can set your personal ratings of people and you can get "dis-liked" by NPCs in game.

So, watch for this coming soon; I think.




Well it went live! This game, to me, is a little like work. Powerleveling doesn't exist for the most part as all training takes time and you just can't rush that - not a big problem to me. However, you must mine and sell to collect credits to be able to gain more skills and then train on them to get better. This game is really on the edge of being real world for the most part and to me a game should be for playing. I do like the game, it's just a bit too much like coming home to work.