PingCafe takes to it's first beta test outside the PC world; This adventure is on the PS/2! This game is the 2nd generation of the Everquest Online series. The new interface and playing field are amazing, the graphics stunning compared to the previous version. All the traditional race/class players are there for you to play. At this time, you are able to make as many as 8 different avatars for that changing taste of game play. Now into the beta, more updates to follow.



Alright, it took some time to get the DVD in the mail, but since then I've been working on a Dark Elf Warrior and a Oger Shadow Knight. Leveling is fairly easy at this point and getting in groups is really a plus. Its taken a bit to get used to the PS/2 controls over a mouse and keyboard, but I'm adapting fast. Upgrading armor and weapons, learning new skills and making a few friends in the process... I am really pleased at this point.

Setup at this point requires a clean 16M card and it's really a good idea to connect up a keyboard for sending chat messages. Majority of the game functions around the PS/2 controller so it's not key to play. Graphics are sweet, but game load times at this point take a bit to complete. Game world is loaded all at once so unless you get killed or change areas this isn't a problem. Also, you'll have to invest into the network pack for the PS/2 as this game only plays online! Well, back to some more testing, things are really stable and this is Public Beta so it may be out soon. I suggest Highspeed Internet over dialup... but that's just my opinion!



In the short time I had to play this game, I was well entertained. Beta closed 09/20/03 with an expected market date of 12/17/03 - you can order it now. The graphics are some of the best I've seen and this being my first PS2 online game, I was blown away! It's worth the look and that's from someone who just doesn't fit with the current EQ game interfaces! If you get the chance, take a good look and I think you will find something you like. Fun can be had by one and all!