Well, first things first and the first download begins. So far the screen shots provide enough to be excited about the Closed Beta invite. Not much detail is available at this time, so check back in a day or two for a "first glimps" look at "Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle" and what it has to offer.



Very good graphics and detail! Major amounts of play area and no "gating" to get to it. At this time there appear to be enough mobs for everyone, but at times working on top of each other does occur. Very different game play and full PvP in all areas, keep in mind some people have no clue how to control themselves with PvP. Also, there is a "Karma" rating to it; while everyone's name is white to start when you hit someone your name will turn purple, if you kill them without them responding (hitting) to you then your name will turn red. Anyone who has a red name stands the risk of dropping things when you die and with the chance of you dropping everything there are large "PK Hunter" groups that will go kill red name people. It isn't too hard to clear the red name during beta, but when it goes live they say the scaling for it will be lots higher. Basicly, don't pick on people or kill people lower then you.


Well, not much to update at this point more servers added as time has gone on and more are expected to come. Some lag issues, but the devs are fixing it as fast as possible. With the GM petition system and the timely support, this game should gain a good user base and be able to keep it if this keeps up.


Not much to report on changes since it's mostly been to make the servers work better and a few client side bugs. Things are going well and Public Beta will be starting soon to get a large user base online. A few lag issues here and there at times, but lots of mobs to work from and for the most part the respawn is keeping up. Drop items are not bad and a Pwipe will occur just before public beta starts. Everyone starting in the public beta part will be able to carry their characters into retail play. I'll likely not make any notes unless major things happen until release time. Get in public beta if you can.


Well, at the end of public beta this game goes live with some of the best graphics I've seen in a game. Grouping XP/SP are different from what I've worked with in the past, but keep the powerleveling part in check which is a big plus for me. At release time there were 8 or so servers and more that could be brought online if needed. Watch your weapons in this one, killing faster is better then living longer. If you don't have to take the hits your armor can be a little behind what your level requires, but always try to keep it updated. The real fun is suppose to start 06/01/04 so try it out.