Here is a sweet FPS game for online play and PingCafe' is in the Beta! Krang and Karitas both joined during the later phases of the game, but managed to get "Exclusive Beta" invite. Again another game without a leveling treadmill! This one allows for you to earn "certification" points that can be spent on skills. And if you decide you don't like a skill you took, you can "forget" your training in that area.

Please be aware that you can do it only once within a 24hr period, but you can "spend" those points as soon as you take the option to forget the one you don't want. You can specialize your training to be a hacker, tank driver or even operate flying vehicles. There are even training areas for you to get time to practice you choosen mode of transportation.

So, get in there and fight, 3 races, free for all, but don't shoot your neighbor because this game adds a penalty system for killing or doing damage to friendly players and buildings. No shooting at everything with full PvP available or you will get "grief" points that you must live down. Keep in mind, things happen like running someone over with your tank will gain you "grief" points, but if you are a player that doesn't try to kill others to mess with game play, you shouldn't get many. There is also a fading function that these points go away over time, just don't try to get them.




Well, it looks like Planet Side will go live on May 20th - see official site for details! Lots of changes have been made in details and game play. This game is really looking sweet. If a demo is made available, you really should try it if you like FPS games.




Game is now live. Sweet FPS, great graphics and team play. Was stable at release and no known bugs to be patched. Lots of changes happened during the last 2 weeks of play and the XP was scaled back a bunch. Play with the right group and that will not matter. If a demo comes out, you should try this one on for size!




After a few months of letting this game sit, I decided to try it out again and I am very impressed with how the game has come out. This game is very "live" with all the combat you can stand! Servers are a lot better and more stable for game play. Let's try this one on for a while and see how it works out.