Okay, this addon provides something new for everyone; 2 new races, 3 pilot skill trees and 1 new crafting master. Just so you know I went right to what this addon was made for and with the ingame character builders provided I selected a Novice Pilot, got me a ship and headed right out of the Starport. The space flight took a little getting used to and blasting away at any possible targets was in your face game play. You can take on players and NPCs with a massive dogfight style of play, but watch out where you are going because running into other players ships can cause damage. You have shield and hull damage to watch out for as you fly above the planet. The looting system is automatic when in space so if you win the kill you are awarded any loot without additional work. The interface is different from when on the planet in several ways and are more for keeping your screen open to get in there and fight. It reminds me of X-wing fighter when you get down to it, which I'm not sure if that fairly gives a picture of the space flight. Well, time to get back in there and look over things more... get back with you as soon as I land.