Did the pre-buy to get into the game, but not permitted to play yet. Will get patching I can done then wait to see when this unlocks.


Okay, game finally unlocked, but this is a huge patch over what the disk install is. It will take several days to get things going here that's for sure. Having to free up some disk space just to make sure things will install.


That was a big patch and at least 2 other updates came right on top of it, so the download took a long time. Looks like most of what I originally installed was replaced and the game now runs in the 17G installed range. It is by far the largest game I have installed to date and it really sets the bar for what to expect out of a game so large. Need some time to get into the game itself and try out the play.


Okay, nice startup so far and you can change so many things on your character I'm sure there will be people that get a real cartoon look out of theirs. I have seen a number of "what were you thinking" looks on people so far, but that might be a good look from their point of view. I'd almost say there are too many options to be done. Anyway on to the game play, which graphics wise are, you guessed it, very nice. The fire looks as real as possible, the water runs up the beach as it should and the sounds are working well with the visual.

Now, as for the quests there is a little confusion and some of the mobs are really social at range. Will get in some more game play and update again.